A Thousand Shields

by saadyah tzvi

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I came to Israel for a semi short visit a little over a year prior to this release. Since then I've gotten married and became a citizen here. Throughout that journey these songs were crafted. Pads were pushed, pens were pressed to paper, and a microphone rhymed into. From Jerusalem to Tzfat, the writing/recording process of this project spanned two of the four holy cities. With fire and air featuring members of the family BenYomen and Juda, this is A Thousand Shields.


released April 28, 2013



all rights reserved


saadyah tzvi Rehovot, Israel

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saadyah tz▾i
Rehovot, Israel
music producer
singer songwriter
hip hop enthusiast
one G-d love peace ✡ ✌

Born in Detroit, spent high school years in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina displaced me to Milwaukee. Currently reside in Israel.
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Track Name: Real
it takes two thousand odd years for us to get the picture/
since the mountain its been clear laid out in scripture/
i sit and drift I reminisce of times we rode like half pipes/
amazing how our souls return corrects mistakes of past lives/
the last chapter blast the captor found the answer/
delete repeated history cuz man its been ass backwards/
a second just to meditate and thank Him for his blessings/
smiling at the peaks i know the valleys when he's testing/
but we standing at the end so put your vests on/
prepare to sing that new song cuz theres a new dawn/
i can feel it in my chest its just around the way/
so pick your brothers up if they fall astray/
syncopate the rhythm with the given gift of life now/
cuz they be at our throats but they will die down/
and we cant lose breath theres so much time left/
thats why i unify my rhymes with the divine quest/
Track Name: Orot and Calim (featuring BenYomen)
this is thats it its just orot and calim

orot and calim we stay prevailing inside the framing equal the same thing/
time turns to tainting effort is strengthening opposite the lengthening profess the paintings/
rebuild the structure past future punctures womb of the mother heel of the brother/
clock tick tock with an urgent need eve ate the apple adam plant the seed/
wounds bleed jealousy crass greed our path lead to echad believe/
salvation one fill my cup sittin in the base we double up/
face to face we break our teeth uncover wonders lie beneath/
side by side in gatherings tribal chants remain antique/
vintage vinyl sampling benyomen and saadyah tzvi/
instrumental offerings, smoke rise high walls toppling/
open heart sanctuary substantially unordinary/
the weight we carry turned to luminescent visionary/
open hands (fulfill every wish with desire for) intimate kisses/
Track Name: Translucence
Holding on my conviction like a righteous yid/
as I begin with the lesson/
Folding on my tallis is how my knowledge splits/
I spits with His blessings/
Check our closeness as we approach our/
exodus from this exile/
Let His oneness in He's the coach we win/
so we push on in the meanwhile/
Until we sing this song we will just push on/
like His pawn in the darkness/
Fill our hearts with awe all the things we saw/
through pain we stay with His promise/
Wait with patience and trepidation/
were the holy nation look at what were facing/
Enemies blazing but were ancient /
chosen for a mission that they cant take man/

in every generation since creation/
we're the only ones that He felt was worth saving/
Time and time again homie how his Hand keeps holding/
our souls growing old but never aging/
Infinite light shines as I write lines/
well calculated not debated fate is definite/
In the middle east Jerusalem streets/
bumping beats Jewish pride so I'm reppin it/
It's clearly evident Torah is relevant/
every chance that we get we should be studying/
So we can actualize cut evil down to size/
put in work for what its worth not for money man/
Its called eternal life so lets do what's right/
on point anoint in His holy place/
Deep in the night the end is in sight/
glow flow flame fire shining out His face/
Track Name: HaShems Party (featuring Juda & BenYomen)
one for the seed of the sun two for the moon and the jews three want my people to be free across the land and seas its HaShems party

boundless He wears the crown as we expound this
infused with the truth enter the booth to put it down kid
attached hand in hand were the links in the chain
many things change but His name remains the same
numerous moons familiar tunes
the conclusion coming soon we can't ever lose
we join with joy embark on the expedition
our family employed stand at full attention
not to mention years of sincere repentance
we reflect His essence our life long sentence
Track Name: Break Out The Bonds
Catch him in the cut/
Meditation eyes shut/
Beats like dilla donuts/
Rhyming for a higher mission/
Climbing for tradition/
Is the reason we be teaching/
Ever since the abolition/
Our ethics and our voice/
Values echo trough our choice/
Not just simply making noise/
This is for the girls and boys/
Bringing love back to the music/
Much too diverse to destroy/
We ain't never gonna lose it/
As we enjoy/
From the hills of the D/
Where a lot of dudes slang yay/
From the time he was 12/
Til the nolia days/
Learn to break out the bonds/
Lord show him the way/
However challenging it seems/
Give praise everyday/
Track Name: Cash Cow (featuring BenYomen)
the whole words screaming cash cow give us pare doma
im thirsty for some water but they're only sipping soda
the words screaming cash cow we need pare doma
waking up the masses cuz they're living in a coma

looking through the shade off the corner of our grasp
hang flags half mast as they attack were on our task
cause they cover kodesh with layers of trash
but we pierce the shoresh until the essences flash
we stay steady struggling many times fumbling
and as the worlds tumbling stomachs keep rumbling
hungry, but not for the other side
tho our animal souls distract us from divine
constantly keeping the talpiyot in our minds
correcting lifetimes of innocence compromised
chasing that dollar gold platinum or silver
forgetting our father but isn't He the giver
chosen for a function; not to get sucked in
by the glitz and glamour; that stuff doesn't matter
as our pockets get fatter were sliding down the ladder
lets make these sounds together can you hear the pitter patter
Track Name: Torah On My Mind (featuring BenYomen & Juda)
Captive to illusion stuck in a stupor
End and again thats it my friend and you thought you knew her
But truth hurts till you spin that round remove the sutures
Rebirth to new earth leave distress in past you're future
Lose her but gain a world of confidence in the ruler
You're newer than you've ever been man you're lunar
Misinterpretation turns pain to satiation
Find your way home from being lost in translation
Sometimes we get caught in charlotte's web
Only to see what we can have instead
But after all these things yo its hard to absolve
And not wish you didn't get all involved
You wanna believe without shadow of a doubt
In it for the freedom sprouting out your mouth
Would howl and shout to let it spout en route
To higher destinations no time for clout